Thursday, January 29, 2009

And they told two friends...

Did you know, as a follower of Christ, you have a responsibility to everyone you meet? Every person that God places in your world, He is calling to Him. It's your responsibility to be His voice in those moments, to get their attention so to speak. People need other people to help them get to Him, because we can't do it on our own. In this great plan, we're not supposed to. We need to help each other move into a place of God's grace.

Remember that the next time you grumble about the people ahead of you in line at the bank, or during rush hour, or any other moment when all other humanity is an 'inconvenience' to you. They NEED you - God needs you to call to them for Him.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Eating Your Offering

A web based worship media distribution company said that they would sell 'Love Your Enemy' from their website.

So now, officially, I have distribution!

A few months ago, God put it on my heart to look in Leviticus. When I was there, He directed me to the section on 'Peace Offerings'. I had no idea what the significance was, but He told me that it was a 'lean not on your own understanding' moment.

Later that day, I went to visit a friend of mine who is a passionate follower of Christ. While I was there, God put it on my heart to mention Leviticus 3 to her. She brought out one of her Bibles with different break out sections than mine, and in the explanation for the 'Peace Offerings' it was noted that these were the only offerings that the Israelites could EAT. Immediately, I saw the connection and the message God was trying to tell me.

I've had many discussions with friends about the the moral conflict of 'living' off of worship. Specifically, making worship and God's Kingdom your source of income. The main moral issue is that the potential off acceptance into God's Kingdom is not to be sold, at any price or in any way. Anything created for the purpose of worshiping the name of God should not have a dollar amount attached to it, but to be enjoyed by everyone at no cost. This creates a very real conflict in 'modern society' when guitars and computers cost money, and time is such a valuable commodity. This may explain why many 'Christian Copies' of popular media are usually of a much lower quality.

So, what was is about Leviticus and the "Peace Offering" that God was trying to communicate? This offering, also known as the 'Fellowship Offering', was intended as an offering to glorify the relationship that person had with God. A celebration of the connection between this mortal soul, and the cosmic, all powerful, and all loving God. A 'I'm glad you're my friend!' situation. But the Israelites could gain sustenance from these offerings as well. They could feed themselves and their families from the meat that was offered to God. Almost as if they were 'sharing a meal together' with God.

How much like my heart for the animations I create, is this 'Fellowship Offering'. When I create, it is to glorify what He has revealed to me, and how I see Him move in even the smallest flap of a ladybugs wings. Everything I do points back to Him in some way, so that people can see these things and begin to realize that He is calling them to Him.

Still, how does 'eating' your offering relate to my creative work? God's message was clear - His desire for my life is for me to continue to worship Him with the gifts He as given me, and that He gives 'permission' that I can feed my family, I can 'eat' this offering in order to survive. I can get personal satisfaction from the work that I do, and can take some pride in that I am doing His will.

How liberating! How freeing to know that He is here with me, in every aspect of my life. That He knows the challenges of this world, and calls me out to fight for Him, for His children, in such unique way. The NEW challenge is to not take it too far. I have to diligently pray and read His word, so that I don't become too prideful, too greedy. This opens up a whole new world of temptations, but He wouldn't give me the challange if He didn't think I could handle it.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This actually happened over the weekend.

I'm trying to work a habit out of my life, and God presented me with an incredibly easy and momentously less painful way to go about it. It was a fluke, actually. I tried an alternate behavior, and it worked like a charm. So now I just have to supplement the alternate behavior with the bad behavior, slowly pushing the bad behavior away. Thanks, Dad, for showing me the way out!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


I was thinking that as soon as I get to LA I could split up with John because he was too cranky and a few minutes later, God put it on my heart that John doesn't have to be everything to me all the time, and that's ok. From there, I derived that it was too much to ask anyone to be everything to someone else all the time, but God started me off.

It's joyful to have Him as such an active part of my life, and to have Him clearly affirm my marriage.